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Quality Planning Ahead for 2020

Orthoplastics development of a new facility planned for 2020, has had the Quality Team thinking about all aspects of Quality within a new manufacturing area. The new building, set to open in February 2020, will enable Orthoplastics to further increase its market capabilities with over £5 million of investment annually.

This is a significant move for the business in a rapidly advancing and innovative market and one that is fully supported by US parent company, Viant Inc. By planning ahead, we are already thinking about our Quality Management system, and how we can utilise this at the new facility.

We are in the process of validating our Quality management software, by updating our current software to a web-based version. By doing so we are still maintaining all aspects of the quality management system, such as document, audit and corrective action management, but will also enable greater functionality between users, particularly between various sites.

By forward planning, we are ensuring that our Quality Management System is at the forefront of our plans for Orthoplastics expansion. Incorporation of SQDC (Safety, Quality Delivery, cost) into manufacturing areas throughout the organisation has enabled manufacturing areas to be at the forefront of collecting quality data and reviewing improvement solutions.

Our Quality team are using data collected from SQDC techniques to refocus our continuous improvement strategy and use of the SQDC tool will align Orthoplastics quality management system and improve communication of quality-related activities to all employees, driving our values into each department.

Achievements of Quality Systems and Accreditations

At Orthoplastics, quality encompasses everything across all aspects of production, from customer service, to design and manufacture of our premium grade medical plastics.

A series of Quality Systems and Accreditations form the foundations of Orthoplastics success. Using the requirements of 21 CFR 820 as a guide, we have gained accreditation to ISO 13485 and ISO 14001.

Employing traceability techniques during the manufacturing of all our medical grade product, allows us to regularly assess product quality. All data is recorded and stored for a minimum of 30 years after the manufacturing processes.

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9th Annual UHMWPE Conference Update

This time last week we were getting ready to attend the 9th Annual UHMWPE Conference at the historic Union League of Philadelphia. We were also proud sponsors of the event and our Managing Director; Mark Allen had the honour of giving a keynote speech.

Mark spoke about ‘a new novel method for the manufacturing of highly crosslinked UHMWPE using x-ray technology.’ A topic he is passionate about, he spoke of the latest STERIS development of a new method to create high x-rays which allow sterilisation and chemical change in UHMWPE.

With sustainability a hot topic in our industry and across many industries, this sustainable development is deemed the long term solution to Gamma processing using highly radioactive isotopes.

The UHMWPE Conference was a great opportunity for us to learn more about new developments and network with leaders and pioneers in medical grade UHMWPE technology and clinical applications.

View the Keynote Speech

If you weren’t able to attend the conference but would like to view Mark Allen’s keynote speech, please request the presentation by contacting us.

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Orthoplastics Sponsor 9th Annual UHMWPE Conference

As the world’s leading producers of UHMWPE, Orthoplastics are pleased to announce we will be attending the 9th Annual UHMWPE Conference on the 10th-11th October 2019 at the historic Union League of Philadelphia.

Not only will we be attending the event, but we are also proud to be sponsoring the event as Bronze Sponsors and our very own Managing Director, Mark Allen will be giving a keynote speech.

The conference brings together engineers, scientists, clinicians, and regulators from academia, industry and FDA to present leading-edge research on advancements in medical grade UHMWPE technology and clinical applications.

The focus of the 9th meeting is on:

- Advances in processing, crosslinking, and sterilisation of UHMWPE
- New methods of processing clinical and retrieval studies of highly crosslinked UHMWPE (HXLPE)
- The performance of thin acetabular liners and knee arthroplasty
- UHMWPE articulations with ceramic and PEEK bearing surfaces
- Vitamin E and new antioxidant technologies for UHMWPE
- Drug delivery from HXLPE

Since our investment in 3 brand new, bespoke UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) extruders we have increased our manufacturing capacity by 75% to ensure we are in the best possible position to move with orthopaedic developments as well as responding to growing market demands and patient expectations.

Mark Allen, Managing Director at Orthoplastics has been invited to be a keynote speaker at the conference, where he will be talking about ‘a new novel method for the manufacturing of highly crosslinked UHMWPE using x-ray technology.’

Mark explains more about this latest innovation saying: “STERIS have developed a new method to create high energy x-rays which allow sterilisation and chemical change in UHMWPE. This sustainable development is deemed the long term solution to Gamma processing using highly radioactive isotopes.”

We are looking forward to hearing about the latest developments and innovations at the 9th Annual UHMWPE Conference and hope to see you there.

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Further UK business expansion at Orthoplastics

Orthoplastics is pleased to announce plans for the opening of an additional manufacturing facility in the UK.

A world leader in the development and supply of implantable-grade plastics used within the Orthopaedic sector, this expansion is expected to create around 100 new jobs within the local community in years to come.

Official opening expected in 2020

The new building, set to open in February 2020, will enable Orthoplastics to further increase its market capabilities with over £5 million of investment annually. This is a significant move for the business in a rapidly advancing and innovative market and one that is fully supported by US parent company, Viant Inc.

Orthoplastics Facility Expansion 2020

The location of the new facility will be at the Futures Business Park Development in Rossendale (UK). It will fast become a centre of excellence for the business and a launch pad for its extensive global growth plans, designed to ensure Orthoplastics becomes world-leader in polymeric solutions.

Mark Allen, Managing Director, Orthoplastics said: “This significant investment underlines our belief that there is huge potential for innovation and growth within the Orthopaedic sector.  It is also the next step towards achieving our ambition of pioneering improved patient outcomes and the longevity of implantable medical devices. Joint replacement procedures such as HIP and knee surgeries are highly successful of course, but we are leading the way in the evolution of new concepts to improve these life changing operations.”  

Part of a global, growth strategy

The long-term UK manufacturing investment being made by Orthoplastics demonstrates its confident business strategy. “If the Orthopaedic sector is to grow and thrive, we must embrace new technologies and materials. Our vision and ambition for superior materials solutions perfectly represents how we are putting this strategy into practice with Viant globally.” said Mark Allen.

Providing customers with greater surety

“Innovation is at the heart of the future of UK manufacturing, and this factory will provide our customers with the confidence in our long-term investments strategy, whilst demonstrating our strategic partnership and commitment.” said Mark Allen.

A clear focus on end-to-end solutions

Alton Shader, CEO at Viant commented: “We focus on providing end-to-end solutions for medical device OEMs. Our extensive materials expertise including metals, combined with our experience in engineering, manufacturing, assembly, packaging and sterilization, allows us to bring our customers' medical technology solutions to market.

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Advancing Direct Compression Moulding

As we strive to improve patient outcomes through innovation, we are expanding our direct compression moulding capability with the addition of 5 brand new machines during the last quarter of 2019.

This decision is part of a long-term business strategy focused on introducing new and improved manufacturing technologies. We have always been clear that we want Orthoplastics to be known not just as a leading manufacturer and supplier of UHMWPE, but a business that is making recognised contributions to the advancement of the product and its applications across the world.

Our investment in equipment, technology and in-house capabilities is part of our bigger vision to be at the forefront of setting standards and making new breakthroughs when it comes to manufacturing and designing materials for wide-ranging orthopaedic applications.

Orthoplastics ultimate aim is to be the best it can be when it comes to innovative UHMWPE design and manufacturing techniques, and to ensure that its materials and processes support the manufacture of Orthopaedic limbs and components that can improve the quality of lives for patients through extended product life span, quality, strength etc.

We can create components with a high gloss finish

Although Direct Compression Moulding is a known to be a relatively expensive method of sintering the polymer, it produces components with a high gloss finish. Orthoplastics has focused on advancing this method of manufacturing UHMWPE to ensure that components produced this way are optimised. It has also pioneered the development of an ‘insert moulding’ process, which allows UHMWPE to be moulded onto or into another steel, titanium or ceramic part.

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Stuart Green retires after 38 years

Here at Orthoplastics we believe that our staff are the backbone of our business and pivotal to our ongoing growth and success.

It’s with sadness, therefore, that we had to say “goodbye” to Stuart Green, Business Development Director, who officially retired on 29th May after 38 years of loyal service.

Whilst working for Orthoplastics, Stuart has held several senior positions. His knowledge of Orthopaedic plastics, different industries and the latest manufacturing techniques and equipment is unquestionable. As an individual he was highly respected across the medical world. 

A key player in the development of our business

Over the years, Stuart has played a big part in the development and growth of our business and we all wish both him and his family well for the future wherever life takes them.

Managing Director, Mark Allen said, “Good luck Stuart. We’ll particularly miss your drive and dedication. Our staff, directors and customers are sad to see you go. I firmly believe that your input spanning more than 3 Decades has helped us to become a world leader in implantable plastics manufacturing and a key player across the medical sector.“

We want to hear from ambitious, talented individuals that want to kick-start their career

Are you interested in joining a progressive, motivated and ambitious team of people that want to pursue an amazing career in a technical environment?

If you think you have what it takes, we’d like to hear from you. Visit our careers page for details of the sorts of jobs we can offer and how you can submit your CV through our skills hub.

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A significant component cell expansion

Over the past 12 months Orthoplastics has invested in excess of $4M dollars in a massive expansion to its CNC machining capability.

With the addition of 17 five axis milling centres and 10 lathes, Orthoplastics now has a world-leading component manufacturing cell with 45 state of the art machining centres.

By choice Orthoplastics machining capabilities relate only to plastics, both implant and instrument grade, where we can offer the latest CNC machining centres and lathes. It’s important, therefore, that we keep up-to-date with the latest equipment developments and have the manufacturing capacity to work at optimal levels.

Our investment in new machinery and technology is continuous so we maintain a plant list so customers can appreciate the true extent of our capabilities. Supporting the company’s machinery are Mitutoyo CMM’s and various surface treatments, which are engineered to exceed customer specifications.

We’re so confident in our skilled workforce and industry-leading infrastructure that we believe we can provide high quality components quicker and more cost effectively than any competitor.

Mark Allen, Managing Director, said, “We take great pride in what we do and are committed to providing our customers with a broad range of specialist services. We can only do that if we have the people, technology and equipment in place to respond their requirements. Our ongoing investment programme is extensive and designed to keep us at the heart of our industry in terms of producing UHMWPE implantable materials of a world-leading standard.”

Do you want to find out more about our capabilities? Contact us and send our technical team your questions and we’ll enlighten you.

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We’ve increased our UHMWPE manufacturing capacity

Orthoplastics has recently invested in 3 brand new, bespoke UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) extruders.

This latest technology significantly increases our manufacturing capacity by 75% ensuring we are in the best possible position to move with orthopaedic developments as well as responding to growing market demands and patient expectations.

Orthoplastics operates a series of high performance ram-extruders. Each has a capacity of 30/tonnes of UHMWPE rods and screw extruders of a 50/tonne capacity.

A primary bearing material for wide-ranging Orthopaedic applications

UHMWPE’s high abrasion resistance and toughness makes it an exceptionally attractive solution for orthopaedic applications due to the many complexities of wear.
Orthoplastics manufacture UHMWPE from Celanese GUR® 1020, 1050 and 1020-E polymer via two distinct processes: (1) ram extrusion, which produces a rod shaped product and (2) compression moulding, resulting in a large sheet of product.

“We are committed to raising standards through investment – the recent addition to our plant of 3 new ram extruders is a part of bigger plan”

We believe our manufacturing systems and equipment are the most advanced and specialised in our industry at the present time. That gives us the confidence to take on even the most demanding of projects knowing that our people, processes and technology are up to the job.

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3D printing is the future and we’re leading the way!

Orthoplastics is pleased to add 3D printing to its in-house manufacturing capabilities.

The new Stratasys OBJET 30 machine has the ability to instantly produce design prototypes and fixtures and is very much a new operational tool for modern manufacturing environments.

This recent acquisition has made our intricate design processes and modelling much sharper, quicker and accurate and underpins our core ability to respond to our customers’ complex requirements covering a broad spectrum of orthopaedic designs and applications.

A big performance machine with an amazingly small footprint!

Our decision to invest in the Stratasys OBJET 30 machine was deliberate given it combines the accuracy and versatility of a high-end rapid prototyping machine with the small footprint of a desktop 3D printer.

Orthoplastics comments, “Now that we have a 3D printing capacity, we have the power and tools to create realistic models with specialised properties quickly, efficiently and easily – and all of this in-house to exacting specifications.”

We can create highly realistic 3D models using the latest print technology

“With its astonishingly realistic aesthetics and ability to deliver special properties such as transparency, flexibility and even biocompatibility, we think it represents the future of high performance design in the field of UHMWPE orthopaedic design across the medical world.”

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Achieved compliance to ISO 13485 – 2016 Standard

Quality flows through our business and is hugely important to the products, services and support that we give to our customers.

It’s with pleasure, therefore, that we can confirm that have now transitioned to the latest version of ISO 13485:2016.

This has required us to adapt our already robust quality management system and procedures to include a more specific focus on risk management, not only within quality related activities, but areas which feed into the quality management system, such as training and supplier control.

Delivering the highest quality products, consistent with our ethos and overriding medical industry requirements

Orthoplastics ISO 13485 re-certification audit is scheduled for the summer, 2019 and we feel confident that we are ready for this.

Continued compliance to the standard will ensure we can deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers.

Through effective management and maintenance of ISO 13285 across our business, our customers can trust Orthoplastics to be a safe supplier to the medical device industry.

“We remain committed to our customers and take nothing for granted”

We are not complacent about this trust and confidence in our abilities and take nothing for granted. Our team is always looking for ways of ensuring we can move on and provide improved levels of service and product performance.

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Advanced Level Apprenticeships

We are pleased to announce that two of our advanced apprentices have graduated with flying colours.

Our congratulations go out to Jake Lord and Timmy Mardy who have now completed their Advanced Level Apprenticeships with us in Engineering Manufacture (Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering) in the Science, Engineering and Manufacture Technologies.

Encouraging our staff to go far

As a business we are committed to encouraging all of our employees to expand their qualifications, and to learn about the latest engineering sciences and advanced manufacturing technologies, to help keep us at the forefront of creating and maintaining standards in our emerging marketplace.

Modern apprenticeships like those our staff have recently completed help us to strengthen our skills infrastructure so that we can compete in the modern world, hence we will continue to encourage schemes of this nature.

In addition to studying at college, both Timmy and Jake have now gained valuable on-the-job experience in their chosen professions as CNC Turner and CNC Miller, respectively.

“We would like to extend our thanks to both apprentices and to congratulate them on their recent results. On behalf of the directors and staff at Orthoplastics, we wish them every success for the future.” (Bernadette Dabbs, Sales and Marketing Director)

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Michael Ulanowicz joins the team

Michael Ulanowicz joins the team as Regional Director of Business Development, in USA.

As part of our continued investment in people and customer service systems, I am pleased to announce that Michael Ulanowicz has now joined our team as Regional Director of Business Development (USA), for MedPlast UK.

This new appointment is a sure sign of our commitment to giving our existing customers more, but will also allow us to develop valued global relationships with new businesses and organisations.

Michael will be managing one or more of our strategic healthcare contracts, and challenged with developing lasting partnerships with potential and existing Orthoplastics customers. He will also be responsible for planning, directing and coordinating programs, involving direct contact and negotiations with many of our key accounts.

As and when necessary, Michael will provide engineering support to help promote and grow wider business development opportunities.

With over 26 years experience in plastic manufacturing processes, Michael is well respected across our industry assisting customers on product realization. This has included materials, design for manufacturing and cost reduction. He has specific insight of working with purchasing, quality and engineering departments in numerous orthopedic, dental and cardiovascular companies.

Michael will report directly to Mark Allen, Managing Director of Orthoplastics. “I’m delighted Michael is now part of our valued team, and I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing him every success.”

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The importance of our FDA Company Registration

In April 2017, Orthoplastics Ltd became an FDA registered organisation. But why is this important to our business and customers?

Being FDA registered means Orthoplastics comply with the practices of 21 CFR: part 820, which is the code of federal regulations for quality systems relating to medical devices.

A key difference between this and our standard quality management registration is non-compliance to 21 CFR: part 820, which breaks US Law and Regulations.

We have many US-based customers and need the surety that we can meet US market standards and expectations

As a high percentage of our customers are US-based, compliance is paramount for ensuring safe delivery of goods into the US medical device market.

Orthoplastics can provide assistance with FDA product registration as a contract manufacturer within the UK, and our quality team is on hand to provide regulatory and compliance support relating to any new or ongoing applications.

Supporting customers, wherever they are in the world

Mark Allen, Managing Director, said, “We are exceptionally focused on quality as a business. We understand that medical device specifications and products must be consistently delivered to the highest standard. Our various quality registrations prove that we are capable of achieving this and fulfilling the requirements of our customers, wherever they are in the world.”

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Orthoplastics passes safety audit with flying colours

Orthoplastics believe that every business has a responsibility to ensure they maintain the highest possible standards of health and safety management at all times.

That’s why we’re exceptionally pleased to confirm that we scored highly in a recent safety audit to OHSAS 18001.

OHSAS 18001 is the International Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard. It provides a framework for the effective management of OH&S, including all aspects of risk management and legal compliance. The Standard addresses occupational health and safety, rather than specific product safety matters.

Our Compliance and Regulatory Leader , Rebecca Field, said: “There are over 90,000 OHSAS 18001 certified organisations across 127 different countries. While we are just one of those, it underpins our belief that all successful and responsible businesses need to adopt best practices when managing the safety of the people that work for them.”

Rebecca added: “In our recent audit, we achieved a pass rate of 80% (to OHSAS 18001) which we are justifiably proud of.

What benefits has this brought to Orthoplastics?

Apart from our obvious ability to identify hazards and implement preventative controls, it has improved our productivity and general in-house safety culture, it has assisted with pre-qualification processes for our customers, and it has challenged us to be looking for new and better ways of addressing health and safety issues throughout our business.

Our certification to OHSAS 18001 effectively means that we have a clear management structure with defined authority and responsibilities in place, defined objectives for improvement with measurable results, and a structured approach to risk assessment.

The fact that an independent auditor has visited our site, and thoroughly checked all of our processes and safety management procedures, is a clear indicator to the people that we employ, supply and work with, that we uphold the most stringent and traceable systems possible. It’s also a sign of how important health and safety systems are to our business as a whole.

Want to know more about our health and safety management certifications and commitment? Give us a call.

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A change in ownership for Orthoplastics

A change in ownership for Orthoplastics

It gives us great pleasure to announce that as of January 2017, Orthoplastics (Medplast Group) has been acquired by Water Street Healthcare Partners and JLL Partners.

Both Water Street and JLL are highly respected investment firms with specialist expertise of the healthcare industry. Each business has many years of medical device experience and has committed significant resources to invest in the Company’s future.

Business as usual

While the new ownership will not affect the day to day running or operations of Orthoplastics, it will mean that we have the necessary finance, expertise and advice in place to guide us into the future and ensure that we continue to keep abreast of market demands, technology advances and legalities in the field of orthopaedic UHMWPE innovation.

It’s still the same Orthoplastics

Chris Turner, Quality Manager, said: “Nothing has changed in terms of what we do, or how we do it. It is very much business as usual for us.”

He goes on: “It’s important at this time, that we reassure all of our existing contacts and customers so that they understand there will be no changes to our management structure. Likewise, we will continue to supply the same products and quality services associated with our name, on which we have built our industry reputation and standing.

So as 2017 starts it seems that, while the ownership of Orthoplastics has changed, its future success and growth in the orthopaedic UHMWPE industry, is even more secure.

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More innovation from Orthoplastics

As a world-class leader in the development, supply and manufacture of the highest grade, UHMWPE implantable plastics, we think it’s exceptionally important to push the traditional design limits for orthopaedic components.

Orthoplastics’ investment in Direct Compression Moulding has created exciting opportunities for producing innovative, superior performance products

Direct Compression Moulding

Whilst Direct Compression Moulding has been around since the 1990s, the latest generation of metal 3D printing technology has created new potential for product design. Using Direct Compression Moulding to sinter polymers, Orthoplastics can create products with a high gloss finish, which cannot currently be produced….pushing the design envelope for orthopaedic components.

Investment and innovation are vital

Our investment in Direct Compression Moulding means we now have a unique over moulding capability that produces Mono block components with a high gloss, moulded surface. Given each component is individually moulded, we can control all aspects of pressure, temperature and time, during critical consolidation. This ensures that the finished product’s gloss finish and tolerances are far superior in comparison to machined UHMWPE components.

“It’s important to our business to be at the forefront of developing these specialist parts of our organisation so that we can respond to growing customer and industry expectations. With Direct Compression Moulding, each orthopaedic implant is moulded individually. This allows us to produce a component with a highly polished surface, by removing machining surface definition present on the articulated surface of conventionally machined products. It’s a real breakthrough.”

Mark Allen – Managing Director

This alternative way of producing implant components is being heralded as an important development. It further underlines Orthoplastics’ global commitment to maintaining and setting new standards for high-grade UHMWPE components.

New online presence

Read about our Direct Compression Moulding capabilities on our new dedicated website at

This explains the capability we now have and about our wider research and development, laboratory and testing services.

Orthoplastics is a Medplast company – science making a material difference.

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Neil Anderton fronts development of new implant manufacturing techniques and processing technologies

Implant engineering techniques and manufacturing processes have been through many stages of development over the years.

Neil Anderton, Technical Manager at Orthoplastics, is at the forefront of introducing the market to the latest technologies and advanced, additive manufacturing processes. These are designed to push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of developing high-quality, patient-specific implant solutions.

“Far too many businesses still don’t recognise the incredible potential that additive manufacturing and 3D printing hold”, said Neil. “There is definitely comfort in using more traditional equipment such as CNC technology. Whilst there have been some breakthroughs in CNC tooling and machine software capabilities, this has been limited.”

Neil believes that CNC machines combined with other equipment, such as lasers for cutting, welding or etching, are the way forward. For example, five-axis machining centres can use data from medical scans to create a broader range of patient-specific implant components, especially for skeletal requirements such as the bone, jaw or skull.

A patient-specific approach

To meet challenging OEM requests for patient-specific implant components, Orthoplastics has created a New Products Innovation Group to explore different sciences, control technologies and manufacturing techniques.

In addition to developing custom devices, there are unique composite device constructions that pose real challenges in respect of component fixation and the need for production controls to an exceptionally high tolerance. “We have invested in innovative fixation techniques and specification-controlled environments within our plant, to respond to customer requirements.”

Neil goes on: “Although industry experts generally believe that additive manufacturing will be the death of traditional machining”, I don’t agree.”

Working alongside a leading implant manufacturer, Othoplastics has used net shape and additive manufacturing to produce a manufactured component with tolerances of 0.01 inches, and machined the final tolerances of 0.001 inches required. This involved sophisticated work holdings and machine probing, along with conventional multi-axis machining.

“All of this clearly demonstrates what innovative approaches can achieve in the OEM market”, said Neil.

“Orthoplastics remains committed to this development work and to spearheading different approaches and cutting-edge advancements in processing technologies.”

To read the ODT publication article in full please click here.

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Laboratory testing – Orthoplastics lead the way

Without proper testing, validation and certification, new orthopaedic implant products cannot succeed.

Given advancements in technology and increasing regulatory requirements, the need for professional testing, quality management and control during each stage of the production process, has never been more important.

It is widely accepted that compliance, accreditation and associated timelines can be long and expensive when introducing new or improved products. That’s why it’s important to work with a global partner like Orthoplastics that has the appropriate expertise, knowledge and in-house laboratory test facilities. By working with an experienced business, development time (and costs) will be reduced and products will reach the market much quicker.

Investment in technology is key

Orthoplastics is a respected, global expert in the development, production and supply of both implantable grade plastics and biocompatible plastics products for wide-ranging instrument applications. We aim to produce the highest quality, premium grade UHMWPE and work closely with all of our partners to produce new and innovative implant technologies.

Over the years, Orthoplastics has invested time, resources and finance into developing its knowledge of medical plastics, hi-tec manufacturing techniques, test standards and accreditation requirements.

“We have our own fully equipped, laboratory. This is a thriving hub for research and product innovation, ongoing testing and accreditation work. We aim to ensure that each product we manufacture meets the full application, specification and rigorous technical demands required. We believe we provide industry-leading services that are designed and built to support new product developments for our customers.” Neil Anderton – Component Cell Manager

UKAS accredited laboratory

Orthoplastics’ laboratory is UKAS accredited and the majority of projects are carried out in accordance to ISO17025.
Our research and development laboratory has vast experience of testing materials and products manufactured from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and other polymers, primarily within the medical device sector.

Orthoplastics is a Medplast company – science making a material difference.

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Orthopaedics AAOS and ORS Florida 2016

Orthoplastics attends the global Orthopaedics AAOS and ORS 2016 meetings in Orlando, Florida
(These meetings are a pivotal launch platform for major OEM’s worldwide).

This year we have seen the further growth of UHMWPE material containing protective antioxidant Vitamin E. As the exposed clinical history for these materials is observed, we continue to secure additional patient benefits, including improved long-term performance.

A huge variety of new porous metal products were exhibited at the show. With advancing 3D printing technology, OEM’s introduction of this and the Monoblock component, are key. We have been instrumental in the design and development of OEM’s worldwide. This novel over-moulding technique, combining UHMWPE with a porous metal, removes the need for complex interlocking features within a design.

Orthoplastics has over 30 years’ experience of providing orthopaedic services. We are a recognised expert in CNC machining and offer the following services:

Design Consultation
Pre-Production Validation
Complex CNC Machining
Full Scale Outsourcing.

Our team of skilled technicians use the latest laboratory equipment to provide a range of testing services. These tasks, which are seen by some as complex, demonstrate our proven technical abilities. Our capability in the manufacturing of moulded products, gives us a competitive edge. Reducing product development costs is at the heart of our business, and our teams are currently working together to achieve this goal.

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New Orthoplastics’ website goes live

Successfully engaging customers in today’s world requires a Company-wide commitment and recognition that, to stay ahead, a business needs to be constantly reinventing itself.

Orthoplastics, the recognised global leader in UHMWPE machining and manufacturing, with over 30 years’ industry experience to its credit, has recently launched a brand new, browser responsive website for optimal viewing.

“Given the nature of our business and the unique requirements of the medical industry, we have to be continually investing in our machining, testing and development facilities. It’s right, therefore, that our online presence keeps pace with this.

Our new website gives the global market an opportunity to understand our strengths and abilities in the areas of UHMPWE plastics, direct compression moulding, laboratory/test services and component machining. We’re very excited about the launch and see it as a significant step in our development as a business.”
Bernadette Dabbs – Sales & Marketing Manager

Complete solutions for orthopaedic components

Over the past 30 years, Orthoplastics has become a leader in the global orthopaedic implant industry.


Our business supplies and manufactures premium-grade UHMWPE to leading orthopaedic device manufacturers and is a first choice for a range of modern implants/devices.

Read more here

Direct Compression Moulding

A new generation of metal 3D printing technology has created opportunities for innovative product design. We can now produce Mono block components that have a high gloss, moulded surface. Given the nature of production, we have finite control over the final surface finish and tolerances.

Read more here

Laboratory services

Our world-class technicians, well-equipped laboratory and extensive testing and research/development facilities, ensure that new products meet required application, specification and technical demands of the industry.

Read more here

Component machining

By choice, our machining capabilities relate to plastics, both implant grade and instrument. We have an impressive portfolio of high-end CNC machines and lathes that can meet any manufacturing requirement.

Read more here

Orthoplastics is a Medplast company – science making a material difference.

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Precision, component machining

Taking new orthopaedic products to market can be a difficult and costly process. The medical industry is tightly regulated and controlled and, therefore, complex to access. Unfortunately many great concepts don’t get past the initial development stage.

The need for quality orthopaedic implant products has grown in recent years and the market is becoming increasingly competitive. With doctors, surgeons, consultants and patients demanding better and more robust treatments, there is now a huge demand for affordable implant innovation.

Professional machining

When developing a product for market, it makes sense to work with a professional machining partner that can provide hands-on help, advice and support, from initial planning and tooling through to materials handling and full-blown production and testing. This will ensure that your investment is secure and costs are controlled.

It takes industry experience, investment in cutting edge equipment and technical insight to produce precision manufactured, orthopaedic products that meet the necessary production, compliance and accreditation requirements set by governing bodies.

Turning concepts into reality

Orthoplastics is a respected, global leader in UHMWPE machining and manufacturing, with over 30 years’ industry experience. We excel in producing the highest grade UHMWPE (Orthopaedic Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) and work with all of our partners to turn innovative concepts into reality.

Experts in milling, turning, grinding and drilling

By choice, our general machining capabilities relate to plastics, both implant grade and instrument - our CNC machining centres and lathes can respond to any manufacturing requirement.

Alongside our CNC machines, we offer various surface treatments to meet and often exceed customer specifications.

Our component machining services are just part of the story. We provide full consultation, design and engineering and research/development support, as well as rigorous in-house laboratory testing to recognised quality standards.

Over the years our business has been instrumental in producing and testing many new and pioneering orthopaedic implant products that have had a profound effect on patients’ lives.

Our new website is live

Visit our new component machining website at: to find out about our 30 years’ experience in the orthopaedic implant industry. This site outlines our component machining strengths and is part of our wider strategy to reinforce Orthoplastics as a world-class leader in UHMWPE machining and manufacturing.

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Posted by Marketing on January 06 2016 in

Investment In Quality

Quality is absolutely crucial to our business. Over the years, we have heavily invested in resources and equipment to provide our customers with everything required for regulatory compliance on a global scale.

3rd Mitutoyo scanning heading CMM, along with statistical monitoring software, enable a live data capability analysis. These take traditional inspection and processing to a new level of compliance and control.

Validation and compliance team expansion

As our business grows so must quality. With our recent investments and expansion, we again demonstrate the cost of quality can never be too high, particularly when lives are dependant on our products, services and materials.

The needs of the medical sector are constantly changing to cope with advances in medical science. Orthoplastics continues to respond and to nurture the confidence of its employees. The standards set by the market are increasingly high, but the value added services we provide are designed to match that standard. Most recently, our research centre has realised that their core potential lies in UHMWPE materials hence it is focusing their talents in this area.

Responding to the demands of modern medical science requires a fully integrated approach. At our Orthoplastics facility in Manchester there is evidence of great innovation. This is where our experienced team come together to develop a range of products that are highly efficient and capable.

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Expanding Implant Manufacturing Cell

We have been excited by the rapid expansion of our polymer implant-manufacturing cell. The introduction of five state-of-the-art axis milling machines has highlighted our commitment to adopting modern machining practices, leading to shorter lead times and highly competitive pricing.

Component machining is an effective way of converting orthopaedic component concepts into today’s reality. Being world leaders in implantable plastic manufacturing and component machining, Orthoplastics is considered among the leading experts in CNC machining. Our environment-friendly machines and in-house capacity, allow us to provide a full range of machining services.

Some of the services we provide include:

- One-off prototyping
- Pre-production validation runs
- Outsourcing service.

We provide a bespoke design service so we can respond to each customer’s requirement. Rest assured, each and every investment that we make is for our customers and to create even higher standards of performance.

Orthoplastics is committed to providing exclusive product solutions, serving the needs of SMEs. Working with us, gives SMEs a real opportunity to overcome technological, regulatory and financial constraints that can stifle their success. We do this by using our in-house talent and expertise to help with complicated legal requirements such as accreditation, compliance, affiliation navigation processes etc.

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Posted by Marketing on November 11 2015 in

UHMWPE Conference Philadelphia 2015

Orthoplastics was pleased to make a presentation at the recent 7th UHMWPE conference in Philadelphia. This brought together experts from various fields such as engineers, scientists and clinicians from academia and industry. It was an opportunity to hear about the latest research, advancements and developments in medical grade UHMWPE technology and clinical applications.

The results of various clinical and retrieval studies of immensely correlated UHMWPE (HXLPE) work was presented to the panellists. Special mention was made about thin acetabular liners and knee arthroplasty performance. In addition to this, the following was also discussed:

- Long terms consequences of 1st generation HXPLEs

- Risks and benefits associated with HXPLE

- A detailed comparison of short term results of anti-oxidant additive stabilized HXLPE and the 1st generation HXLPE

- Thermal processing effects and advancements for HXPLE

- Fibre application advancement of UHMWPE for surgical applications

The organisers accepted three technical research papers and selected two for podium presentations.

The use of high powered x-ray for the manufacture of highly cross-linked UHMWPE, the improved dose uniformity when compared to alternatives such as Gamma and e-Beam

The physical/mechanical performance of highly cross-linked UHMWPE processed using the new novel X-Ray facility.

The use of highly modified UHMWPE in spinal applications, when compared to the costly modern day spinal biomaterials.

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Major Contract Win

In October 2015, Orthoplastics secured a major machining contract win with one of the World's leading orthopeadic device manufacturers. This prestigous and exciting development has resulted in the acquisition of three new 5 axis CNC machines that will increase the overall capacity within the machining department.

As a world leader in implantable plastic manufacturing and component machining Orthoplastics have the expertise to navigate customers through the complexities of production, compliance and accreditation, getting medical component products to market quickly and saving customers valuable time and money.

If you would like to know more about these unique services then click here

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Orthoplastics China Expansion

The expansion of Orthoplastics China has taken place over many years. Kelvin Wu has represented us in this territory and has been instrumental in securing our success. As part of our planned growth in this region and within Asia generally, Mr Wu has now been appointed as our official representative for China, Japan and Korea.

In addition to Kelvin’s new geographic responsibilities, we have expanded the role of Bernadette Dabbs to include sales, marketing and account management, in addition to her already successful leadership of our customer services team.

Orthoplastics is solely dedicated to the medical sector around the globe. There are no geographic boundaries when it comes to helping our customers. This is part of the strategic growth and expansion strategy.

We firmly believe that quality standards are maintained throughout the world because of our accreditation to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001. The supply chain mechanism and distribution network of Orthoplastics, ensures that products can be transported to each corner of the globe, in full compliance with relevant security and safety standards. The export quality of our products is unrivalled - we are considered to be the market leaders in providing specialist guidance and support to customers in the medical sector.

The growth strategy of Orthoplastics is evidence of great leadership and rigorous quality assured products and services, ranging from cross-linked UHMWPE and Vitamin E UHMWPE, component machining, to direct compression moulding and laboratory services.

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World Class Test Laboratory

We adopt the most stringent of orthopaedic test methods and global standards. Over the years, we have developed a world-class testing facility, compliant with ISO 17025. To further expand this capacity and requirements from OEM customers, we are now offering long-term device package testing.

The validation and characterisation of polyethylene often crosses the boundaries into packaging, especially when it comes to long-term shelf stability.

Our laboratory is fully equipped with:

Nicolet FTIR
Netzsch DSC
Cambridge Polymer Group Swell Ratio Tester SRT-1
Multi-axis Tensile Test
Oxygen bomb.

Our lab is equipped for multi-tasking hence we are able to deal with a number of jobs consecutively. With our extensive range of testing equipment, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and other polymers have become key products.

We have invested in the latest technological equipment so that we can innovate different ideas and products. We conduct related research and development in our laboratory so that we can respond to market trends and are more able to serve our customers. The whole concept of the implantable industry is founded on the rigorous testing and manufacturing of plastics products in the laboratory, hence we are extremely proud of our achievements.

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