Posted by Marketing on April 19 2024

Recruitment and Apprenticeship Program Update

Orthoplastics experienced significant growth in 2023. Over the last 12 months, we’ve increased our headcount by more than 16%. This growth has been driven by market demand, which is set to remain for the foreseeable future.

We had a fantastic year with our apprentices in 2023; they are now in their first year of college and are progressing well. We expect them back on site in the summer of 2024. We also have four apprentices in their final year with us who will complete the programme in the coming months.

Our apprenticeship intake for 2024

For 2024, our apprentice program is looking to intake another four apprentices. We had a total of 20 direct applicants either from our website, via word of mouth or through the open event we held at Burnley College.

We’ve initially shortlisted these to 14 candidates, and the first round of interviews for these has already begun, which will help us begin the process of shortlisting them further. The stage one interview allows us to meet the applicants, get to know them a little better and find out why they want to be an Orthoplastics apprentice.

Those who are successful will be invited to spend half a day onsite to understand the program better and determine if it’s the right career path for them and if they are a good fit with Orthoplastics. From here, we will offer four applicants a place in our apprenticeship program.

One of our apprentices shared their experiences, stating: “I feel I’m learning new things all the time, from myself and other people. The theory side of college is helping my development on the shop floor. I am happy with the progress I have made since starting my apprenticeship.”

Another continued: “College has played a key part in my development as an engineer, and the progress I have made through my apprenticeship shows in the work I undertake. I feel my apprenticeship has helped to better me as an engineer and worker.”

While another added: “I am really enjoying the practical element of the apprenticeship especially the CNC Machining. It's completely different from being sat in an office like I was doing before. I am getting good support from tutors and from Orthoplastics and even though we are in college, I still feel part of the business. I am looking forward to getting on the shop floor and applying my learning, growing the skills I have learnt so far and progressing in my career.”

Speaking about the apprenticeship program, Danny Rhodes, General Manager at Orthoplastics, said: “The apprentices we have on the program are progressing well, and as a company, we are proud of their achievements to date. When the time comes, I believe many of them could have a bright future ahead of them at Orthoplastics.”

We look forward to welcoming the next intake of apprentices in September and continue to support our current apprentices as they progress through the program.

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