Posted by Marketing on July 01 2019

Advancing Direct Compression Moulding

As we strive to improve patient outcomes through innovation, we are expanding our direct compression moulding capability with the addition of 5 brand new machines during the last quarter of 2019.

This decision is part of a long-term business strategy focused on introducing new and improved manufacturing technologies. We have always been clear that we want Orthoplastics to be known not just as a leading manufacturer and supplier of UHMWPE, but a business that is making recognised contributions to the advancement of the product and its applications across the world.

Our investment in equipment, technology and in-house capabilities is part of our bigger vision to be at the forefront of setting standards and making new breakthroughs when it comes to manufacturing and designing materials for wide-ranging orthopaedic applications.

Orthoplastics ultimate aim is to be the best it can be when it comes to innovative UHMWPE design and manufacturing techniques, and to ensure that its materials and processes support the manufacture of Orthopaedic limbs and components that can improve the quality of lives for patients through extended product life span, quality, strength etc.

We can create components with a high gloss finish

Although Direct Compression Moulding is a known to be a relatively expensive method of sintering the polymer, it produces components with a high gloss finish. Orthoplastics has focused on advancing this method of manufacturing UHMWPE to ensure that components produced this way are optimised. It has also pioneered the development of an ‘insert moulding’ process, which allows UHMWPE to be moulded onto or into another steel, titanium or ceramic part.

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