Posted by Marketing on November 11 2015

UHMWPE Conference Philadelphia 2015

Orthoplastics was pleased to make a presentation at the recent 7th UHMWPE conference in Philadelphia. This brought together experts from various fields such as engineers, scientists and clinicians from academia and industry. It was an opportunity to hear about the latest research, advancements and developments in medical grade UHMWPE technology and clinical applications.

The results of various clinical and retrieval studies of immensely correlated UHMWPE (HXLPE) work was presented to the panellists. Special mention was made about thin acetabular liners and knee arthroplasty performance. In addition to this, the following was also discussed:

- Long terms consequences of 1st generation HXPLEs

- Risks and benefits associated with HXPLE

- A detailed comparison of short term results of anti-oxidant additive stabilized HXLPE and the 1st generation HXLPE

- Thermal processing effects and advancements for HXPLE

- Fibre application advancement of UHMWPE for surgical applications

The organisers accepted three technical research papers and selected two for podium presentations.

The use of high powered x-ray for the manufacture of highly cross-linked UHMWPE, the improved dose uniformity when compared to alternatives such as Gamma and e-Beam

The physical/mechanical performance of highly cross-linked UHMWPE processed using the new novel X-Ray facility.

The use of highly modified UHMWPE in spinal applications, when compared to the costly modern day spinal biomaterials.

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