Posted by Marketing on May 12 2021

Further Expansion of our Direct Compression Moulding Capabilities

We are pleased to announce that we have further expanded our Direct Compression Moulding capabilities. We took delivery of a batch of DCM machines back in December 2020 and took a further delivery of additional machines in January 2021.

Managing Director, Mark Allen said: “This is great news for Orthoplastics, following the first expansion of our Direct Compression Moulding capabilities at the end of 2019 we made the decision to expand further to help us meet customer demand, advance orthopaedic developments and exceed patient expectations.”

Orthoplastics is focused on advanced methods of manufacturing UHMWPE and is a world leader in Direct Compression Moulding technology. Using our technological expertise, we can bring to market new innovative product solutions to address failure modes typical within orthopaedic implants.

We work in partnership with many OEMS around the world to enhance product quality and improve outcomes for patients. Our knowledge enables us to navigate our partners through the complexities of production, compliance and accreditation, helping to reduce costs and accelerate speed to market.

Leading the World

Our Direct Compression Moulding services are at the cutting edge of new product development. With each component being individually moulded it allows for the finite controlling of all aspects of pressure, temperature and time, during critical consolidation.

On-site Laboratory Services

We work with our customers to accelerate the production process and ensure that all new product concepts meet the application, specification and technical demands required. We have our own on-site research and development laboratory that is extensively equipped and available for use by our customers.

As a World leader in UHMWPE manufacturing, we have over 30 years’ experience of producing orthopaedic components. We bring together UHMWPE, Cross Linked UHMWPE and Vitamin E UHMWE, Machined Components, Direct Compression Moulding and Laboratory Services to provide the complete supply chain solution.

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