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World Class Test Laboratory

We adopt the most stringent of orthopaedic test methods and global standards. Over the years, we have developed a world-class testing facility, compliant with ISO 17025. To further expand this capacity and requirements from OEM customers, we are now offering long-term device package testing.

The validation and characterisation of polyethylene often crosses the boundaries into packaging, especially when it comes to long-term shelf stability.

Our laboratory is fully equipped with:

Nicolet FTIR
Netzsch DSC
Cambridge Polymer Group Swell Ratio Tester SRT-1
Multi-axis Tensile Test
Oxygen bomb.

Our lab is equipped for multi-tasking hence we are able to deal with a number of jobs consecutively. With our extensive range of testing equipment, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and other polymers have become key products.

We have invested in the latest technological equipment so that we can innovate different ideas and products. We conduct related research and development in our laboratory so that we can respond to market trends and are more able to serve our customers. The whole concept of the implantable industry is founded on the rigorous testing and manufacturing of plastics products in the laboratory, hence we are extremely proud of our achievements.

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