Posted by Marketing on July 21 2020

What’s Been Happening at Orthoplastics in 2020

2020 has been a year like no other and we’re only just over halfway through. From torrential rain to a heatwave the weather has certainly been unpredictable and challenging.

The COVID pandemic and lockdown brought challenges that many of us didn’t expect and we all had to learn to adapt quickly, not only professionally but personally too. That said, here at Orthoplastics, we have some exciting news that we are proud to share with you.

New Manufacturing Facility Update

Back in September of last year, we announced plans for the opening of an additional manufacturing facility in the UK and we’re pleased to have an update on the progress of the new building at the Futures Business Park Development in Rossendale.

As with all complex builds, the path to completion never runs smooth and this build hasn’t been an exception, but we’re pleased with how it is progressing.

The new build at Futures Park continues at a pace with the partial completion handover being 10th July for the internals only 2 weeks over schedule, but given the weather and COVID, this is an excellent result.

Whilst the internals will be finished, it will be a further 2 weeks for all external works such as car parks and landscaping to be complete and they should be finished by the end of July 2020.

The building completion is excellent, but we have encountered delays on the press build due to the COVID lockdown and travel restrictions. Approximately 25% of the press build is complete and the remaining build is estimated to take around 10-15 days once the engineers return.

Progress Update on Apprentices

As education has been one of the biggest areas that has been impacted by COVID, it was inevitable that apprenticeships would be affected during these unprecedented times.

We’re pleased to say that colleges such as Burnley College were quick to respond and adapt and offered remote learning for the apprentices that usually attend college for their day release qualification and special measures have been put in place to overcome the challenges of workplace assessments.

Here at Orthoplastics, we have been encouraging our apprentices to continue with their studies during lockdown.

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