Posted by Marketing on January 06 2016

Investment In Quality

Quality is absolutely crucial to our business. Over the years, we have heavily invested in resources and equipment to provide our customers with everything required for regulatory compliance on a global scale.

3rd Mitutoyo scanning heading CMM, along with statistical monitoring software, enable a live data capability analysis. These take traditional inspection and processing to a new level of compliance and control.

Validation and compliance team expansion

As our business grows so must quality. With our recent investments and expansion, we again demonstrate the cost of quality can never be too high, particularly when lives are dependant on our products, services and materials.

The needs of the medical sector are constantly changing to cope with advances in medical science. Orthoplastics continues to respond and to nurture the confidence of its employees. The standards set by the market are increasingly high, but the value added services we provide are designed to match that standard. Most recently, our research centre has realised that their core potential lies in UHMWPE materials hence it is focusing their talents in this area.

Responding to the demands of modern medical science requires a fully integrated approach. At our Orthoplastics facility in Manchester there is evidence of great innovation. This is where our experienced team come together to develop a range of products that are highly efficient and capable.

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