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Investing In Our Future

Orthoplastics continue to embrace the need for investment, in research and development, to keep in touch with customer demands, patient expectations, and technology advances in the orthopaedic industry.

Product innovation fuels our future

Product innovation is at the heart of our business and we are constantly looking for ways of improving and extending our manufacturing capabilities, using the technology available.

In 2016, we increased our Direct Compression Moulding (DCM) cell by over 300%, from 9 machines to 28. This has considerably improved our capacity, as the market welcomes this exciting manufacturing technology.

Advances in 3D titanium printing

Through innovation, 3D titanium printing technology has allowed device manufacturers to enhance product design and provide greater device stability.

3D titanium printing, also known as direct metal laser sintering, is an additive metal fabrication process that was first developed in Germany but now widely used throughout the medical device sector.

Benefits for us, benefits for our customers

3D porous metals offer a unique solution to loosening at materials interface which can occur with traditional designs. The innovative DCM processing technology yields a composite structural bond between the polyethylene insert/metal and in-turn leaves a porous metal surface to allow bone in-growth.

The technological developments within the DCM process allow the moulding of most device designs in net-shape or near net shape forms.

We work in an exciting industry, and recognise the need to develop technology advances to ensure we continue to delight our customers and provide a broad range of technical services, and precision machining capability. We are confident in our ability to take on projects of various sizes and complexity, while still maintaining a cost-effective and efficient service to our customers. With more investment planned in 2017, the future is looking bright." says Mark Allen, Managing Director, Orthoplastics.

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